Monday, 16 October 2006

hey everyone...

Thanks blog-friends for all the nice comments. yeah, things are still very touchy around here but like I said, there's yarn and wine. These two things always help. Oh, and fabulous friends of which I have plenty. Friends are good. Family are also great.

So, moving right along, here are two recently finished items.

The first, the aforementioned red bookmark I made for Sean. It was made at the end of last week on a request. Gotta love a man who requests a crocheted item, right?

It's my first ever filet project. All these years of crochet and I shied away from filet. Why? *shrug* Seemed too hard. Now I know it's not, there'll be more to come.

Also, a dishcloth I made for the handmade gift exchange I'm part of. It'll accompany the first bookmark I made, probably wrapped around some nice handmade soap (not made by me). I'd be happy to receive a gift like this, so I hope my gift exchange person is too!

It's not the most exciting colour, I know, but do you know how hard it is to find nice, inexpensive cotton in pretty colours? They're all so bland. I used to be able to get Sugar n Cream variegated cotton from Spotlight, years ago but haven't seen it in a long time. I've seen nice, darker colours in really fine cotton, but not in the 4ply+ I like to use for dishcloths. Anyone got suggestions?

I'm now making a dishcloth in this gorgeous pattern that's all really tight clusters. I'm making it for my sister. I hope she uses this one. The last one I gave her she said it was 'too pretty' to use in the kitchen. But she's been a trooper for me lately and I guess if she wants to hold onto something I made because it's too pretty, who am I to argue?

Happy knitting/crocheting