Wednesday, 18 October 2006


I haven't done any knitting in over a week! What's going on? I'm crocheting obsessively! Where is my knitting mojo????

OK, so I do most things obsessively. No half measures for Bells. It's all or nothing.

But last night I made a dishcloth in two hours.

And I'm itching to start a lace bookmark for my sister just as soon as I've blogged.

It's helping. It really is. Who knew a tiny hook and microscopic thread could be SO soothing?

But there is a perfectly nice mohair cardigan sitting in a bag, untouched since before I went to Rutherglen. And the Breeze God. Someone asked about that the other day (hey Telle!) - had I sorted out that bothersome sleeve problem yet?


I haven't.

And I'm not likely to any time soon.

So, it's back to those tiny little stitches, dangerously pointy little hooks and a that daily sense of having completed something. I think that's what's driving me at the moment. I'm finishing stuff almost daily and that's probably the most therapeutic thing I can do right now.

Oh, and pour another glass of shiraz. :-)