Sunday, 29 October 2006

in praise of mohair

Over on the Samurai Knitter's blog, there's a discussion on the perils of mohair and its ability to completely obliterate stitch definition, rendering almost useless the effort that goes into say, lace knitting.

I'm not too up on the whole lace knitting thing - it's on the to do list but it's not on my radar right now.

But I do like working with mohair so in its defence, I'm going to show what I'm doing right now that's working so well.

I got, from ebay, some beautiful purple mohair that sat in my stash for several months, waiting for the right project. I found it. I've mentioned it a few times. A really pretty and delicate mohair cardigan by Patons. It has eyelets all over it to stop me getting bored with plain stockinette stitch and I'm most of the way through the first sleeve. One to go. I never usually leave both sleeves til last because it's like waving a big red flag to the boredom that can settle in when a project is getting repetitive. But I really want to wear it at least a few times before summer kicks in.

So, here's the back piece, unblocked so the eyelets are not that defined yet.

This mohair is from Bendigo Woollen Mills and it's light and soft, perfect for a delicate project (maybe lacey scarves, Julie?) and not at all scratchy. And if I can get it finished, it might just help me get over the sadness I'm still feeling because I didn't finish the alpaca Breeze jumper before the weather warmed up.

Happy knitting