Tuesday, 31 October 2006

the race is on!!!

Well I'm definitely on the homeward stretch with the purple mohair cardigan.

I'll finish the first sleeve tonight. It's taken me less than a week. I'm wondering if it's going to be too long, but I always think that and things invariably turn out to be on the short side. So I'm going with what's historically happened, and hoping for the best.

After this I'll take a break from sleeves and do the band (which is in a rather unappealing garter stitch - I'm contemplating doing something different. any suggestions?) then it's onto the tiny little lace band for the neck. THEN I'll take a deep breath and start the last sleeve.

I may just get it done before Canberra gets much hotter. Anyone want to bet on how many times I'll get to wear it before summer hits? Technically we have a month to go, tomorrow being 1 November. But if you have any pagan inclination, you'll know that summer REALLY starts some time in November. But I'm choosing not to be pagan tonight and am sticking to the standard 1 December date. :-)

Better get back to it....