Friday, 20 October 2006

off to New Zealand!

Well you won't hear much from me for the next week or so!

Tomorrow I head to Sydney for a weekend with my sister, her husband and their 2 1/2 year old little boy. I get to be doting aunty for a weekend. Sunday will be fun - we're going to a teddy bears' picnic. Apparently he's happy to lend me one of his teddys for the day. Thank god for that. With all the knitting I'm packing, there's not room for a teddy bear too!

Then on Monday morning I'm off to New Zealand (Wellington) for work! My first overseas (ha!) work trip. Not, as my dad implied, a government funded junket! But a genuine work trip with my team. I've not been to NZ before but rest assured, in amongst the meetings, planning days etc I'll try and fit in a little yarn store locating. You know, it hadn't even occured to me that it was the perfect opportunity to check out one of NZ's finest products - wool! A friend suggested it today I mentally slapped my forehead and thought yeah, of course! Wool shopping! Of course, you can probably do all this on line but it's so much more fun to go and run your fingers through the stuff on location. I just hope my budget stretches....

So, back next Friday night, with stories to tell, I'm sure.

At work they're laughing at me because I of course wanted to know just what sort of knitting or crochet I can do on the plane. I thought maybe things had relaxed a little and I could get away with, maybe, even a bamboo crochet hook. Apparently not.

Bloody terrorists. They've made it so that I am going to be in a confined space for 3 1/2 hours with nothing to do except, well, read. Oh yeah. Reading. That thing I used to do a lot more of in the days BK (before knitting). It'll be good for me.

Now the issue of packing. The suitcase is full of clothes and shoes and papers. I'm simply going to have to pack an additional backpack for the various projects I've got on the go. I can't just take one. Don't be silly. I'll have to take at least three! At least!

I will have net access in the office, so I can keep up to date with what you're all doing.

Til next week