Thursday, 2 November 2006

and I thought no one loved me....

So there have been, I thought, no comments at all in the last few days. Not one comment on a single post! I thought I was losing my touch or something. ;-)

Turns out when I changed my settings on blogger, I got the address wrong and I was getting no notifications.

Only when I went into the moderator page did I find that in fact there were 12 comments!!! TWELVE!!!

So you do all love me!

I'm happy now.


ps still haven't finished the damn sleeve. Even after taking the afternoon off work. I cooked instead. Am about to go and eat roast chicken with sage and onion stuffing and a very nice chardonnay from Rutherglen. :-)

pps decided to stick with the garter stitch band (when I get to it). Seed stitch would be nice but Julie convinced me it would change the shape, or risk changing the shape too much. Ta Julie!