Sunday, 5 November 2006

Learning the hard way - measure pieces more than once!

I've just spent the last half hour pressing all the pieces of the mohair cardigan in preparation for putting it all together. It looks lovely by the way. Pressing really brings out how it's all going to look when it's done.

Just one problem.

The front pieces are way longer than the back.


How did that happen? I'm sure I measured and measured again but maybe I didn't. I can only think that there were two problems.

One, I tried to make it longer than the pattern stated because I always find jumpers and cardigans I make are too short.

Two, because of the garter stitch hem, there's serious rolling (prior to pressing) and that makes for problematic measuring.

So, rather than undo the front pieces down the below the armhole shaping and shorten them that way, I figure I can work from the bottom up.

I'm sure I've read people doing that. Julie, didn't you do that with something recently?

How do I do it? I figure I'd only have to undo the three row garter stitch hem on each piece and shave about 2cm off each bit (yes, it's THAT out). It makes sense to do it from the bottom because there's no shaping on the bottom rows.

Anyone got advice?