Tuesday, 28 November 2006

back to SnB!!!

I'm so excited. I'm finally going to the Tuesday night SnB tonight after months of not going. I tell you, it's the only thing getting me through this tedious Tuesday. I'm at work. It's hot (poor functioning air con in this hell hole of an office). I'm bored. I've run out of regular blogs to read. I'm very much wishing it was Friday and not Tuesday.

Some much needed knitting, chatting and drinking of wine with, at the very least Taphophile, Jejune and perhaps Othlon is going to be very, very good for me. Maybe Happy Spider will come too???

It's been so long since I've been. I'm actually quite desperate for some knitterly company.

You know, I've got a pesky sock that refuses to be finished until someone helps me with the last stages. Maybe, tonight will be the night?

Here's hoping.

The test will be talking and doing lace at the same time. Maybe I'll work on a dishcloth instead. My husband says I can talk and do lots of things at the same time. Knitting lace may be the thing that proves him wrong!