Wednesday, 22 November 2006

One not so happy lace knitter tonight

OK, four attempts in (at the Branching Out scarf) and I'm going to bed.

first up, the wool I chose this afternoon at my LYS was too thick. I couldn't see it was going to look any good. It's ok, I can return all unused balls.

Secondly, I'm getting the concept. Really I am. I just keep screwing it up. It's a 10 row repeat and I got all the way through one repeat before screwing up somewhere on the second.

I'm using a fine baby weight alpaca, by the way.

And now my hands hurt.

I think I am insane.

Time for bed.

Oh, can anyone tell me how, on the purl rows, I can work it so that the YOs from the previous row don't stay floppy and leave a rather unattractive gaping hole, instead of a nice neat hole? I tried pulling them tight but it just doesn't seem to work.

Good thing I haven't told my friends to expect three lace scarves at Christmas time.


ps Taph, I think you were right with what you said in the comments. A BIG ask!!!