Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Evidence of insanity

It turns out I'm going to be spending Christmas in Brisbane (that's up north, and very hot, for the foreign readers). We'll be staying with friends and during the week after Christmas we'll be joined for an evening by four other friends and having a fabulously fun gathering.

Now, for the three girls, none of whom are knitters, I decided last night that I want to knit three lace scarves. I have approximately five weeks, probably less; I haven't counted exactly.

Insanity #1: It's mad to give scarves as gifts at the height of an Australian summer, but they can put them away for later, right?

Insanity #2: I only just learned to knit simple lace.

Insanity #3: I really want to do mohair, lace weight, because it'll be so pretty. But it's so hot. Too hot for touching mohair.

Insanity #4: All my weekends are taken up with gardening and attending Silly Season functions for the next month.

Insanity #5: What if I don't get all three finished before Christmas? My only real saving grace is that I have a week off work before Christmas, and nearly 20 hours worth of driving to get there. But I don't really want to be blocking at someone else's house, do I?

I'm somewhat inspired by the lovely Brown Pants who is working under extreme conditions to get a couple of lace shawls finished as gifts (wedding, not Christmas, I believe). The saga is mind boggling and I'm worried for her sanity. So perhaps it's a mark of solidarity that makes me want to launch into this fit of madness? So I've been trawling the net this morning for simple lace scarf patterns and trying to decide if mohair really is the way to go when it's 30+ degrees and you have limited time.

Wish me luck!!!

Oh, also, the thing to remember is these three girls are all quite particular about what they wear (aren't we all?) and only the best will do.

I need a focus right now. This should pretty do the trick (or do me in).