Saturday, 11 November 2006

when did it all change?

Something is bugging me.

It's not earth shattering in its importance, but I like words and I'm curious.


When did we stop talking about 'colours' and only talk about 'colourways'? Was I asleep that day?

I kind of thought it was an American thing, but then everyone here is using it, too. I even heard someone use it NOT in reference to yarn recently. Can't think what they referring to, but it definitely wasn't yarn.

To begin with, I assumed colourway meant yarn (or anything) that was variegated, or just with a few different colours in it. You know, 'that blue/green colourway is lovely'. That sort of thing.

But then I saw someone refer to a straight, single coloured yarn as being a 'nice colourway' and now it's everywhere.

Isn't it ok to just say it's a beautiful/ugly/boring colour anymore?

Note, this is the first time I've used 'colourway' in a sentence. I've not actually said the word out loud, for fear I was using it incorrectly. I want to make sure I've got it right first.

Uptight about language? Who me?


ps Am almost finished knitting up the ripped out back of the mohair cardigan. It's getting hot now, so I'd better hurry up and finish. Managed to get a few rows done at the podiatrist this morning. He didn't raise an eyebrow when I said, 'I hate having my feet touched, so I'm going to knit to distract myself.' I didn't add out loud, but I thought, 'AND I want to get this damn thing finished.' I really want it to be over!