Friday, 1 December 2006

Getting In Early

Today being December first, I thought I’d put together a list of Ten Things I’d Like to Do in 2007.

Disclaimer – these are NOT New Years’ Resolutions. If they were, I’d be compiling the list in state of wine-sodden delirium on Dec 31st.

Instead, I’m going to write this list in a depressingly sober state on a Friday morning at work.

Most of these are knitterly Things I’d Like To Do. I compiled much of this list while reading the Yarn Harlot on the bus. I’m blaming her for this rash of unbridled enthusiasm/insanity.

1. I will finish not one, but two socks.

This of course is dependant on getting one finished in the first place. I’d have to check the archives, but I believe I began my first sock in around April this year, perhaps before I even started blogging. Bless Happy Spider. She set me on the path to sockdom with such sweet encouragement. Alas, after frogging it maybe twice, it’s still not done. This leads to item #2.

2. I will give everyone I know a pair of knitted socks as birthday presents.

This needs to be qualified though. I will only give knitted socks to people I know who I ordinarily give birthday presents to. Work colleagues, acquaintances and the like aren’t included on this list because frankly, I have to be realistic! I will even give a pair to my younger brother who, while a happy recipient of items such as knitted hats or jumpers, may think knitted socks really, really dorky. So be it. He doesn’t have to wear them.

3. I will make more lace stuff.

I will do so with lace weight yarn. I think I’m ready for that. And you will all get the joy of reading about me bitching about how long that spidery, fragile shawl I’m dreaming of is going to take me to complete.

4. I will overcome my innumeracy. (Probably only in relation to knitting, although it may have positive connotations on things like paying bills and the household budget.)

Even the Yarn Harlot, who claims to be mathematically challenged, makes my head spin when she starts saying things like, ‘just multiply this by that’. It takes all my willpower not to turn the page. I can see I will be a more courageous knitter if I can just get over the Fear of Numbers.

5. I will decrease my stash.

No, really, don’t laugh. I will. (Note: sometimes I will need to buy something new, like lace weight yarn or sock yarn. You can't make a commitment like #2 and not buy more sock yarn, can you?)

6. I will take better care of my right hand that does, once in a while, start to twitch or send alarming shooting pains up to my elbow.

7. I will write at least one piece for Brenda Dayne’s Cast-On podcast. I’ve written one. I’m yet to record it. But I’d like to write and record another in 2007, regardless of whether she thinks the first one sucks or not.

8. I will give serious thought to learning to spin and/or tat. Maybe both. Maybe I’ll do more than think about it.

9. I will knit those cushion covers I’ve been talking about knitting for way too long.

Our current cushion covers are ugly and the only reason I haven't bought more is that I made a commitment to knit some. I will do it. Probably in something really bulky so I don't get too bored.

10. And this is the big one, the one non-knitterly thing I want to sneak in.

I will, by the end of 2007, be either a new mum, or an expectant mum. Without giving too much away, that’s going to be something of a monumental challenge for us. So maybe I should just review the above to say, ‘I would like to be a new mum or an expectant mum' but I have actually been saying that at the start of the year for the last few years, so it's kind of getting a bit old.

To that end, I hope to be knitting funky little baby items that, as well all know, will be worn once and promptly outgrown, but what the hell.