Sunday, 17 December 2006

here is my sock!

Hello all. Please witness my first ever completed sock!

I put it on my tattooed ankle so Julie could see what mine looks like. It's a tree of life.

Around 1am this morning, several glasses of wine and one very bad Aussie movie later, I finished it! I even figured out Kitchener stitch thanks to Elizabeth Zimmerman's explanation.

I am so freaking happy with this. It's been a long time coming, as my SnB buddies well know.

I get it, people. I get it. Sock knitting is so great. I love it! The possibilities that are open to me now are amazing.

I'd like to thank everyone who listened to me whinge about how hard they were to make and just patiently nodded and said, 'you can do it.'

I did. I even cast on Sock #2 before I staggered off to bed at around 2am.