Saturday, 16 December 2006

taking on the BIG job....

Today being my first day of three weeks' annual leave (couldn't have come soon enough!) I promised the other occupant of this house that I would no longer act as if I live alone by using our living room as a storage space for my knitting stuff. I swore I'd get it sorted.

Well I started around 11:30am. It's now 1:15pm and while I've sorted my needles (finding many long lost friends in corners I'd not touched for ages), thrown out scraps and emptied drawers, the big job awaits me.

Look at this.

This is my entire stash, pulled out of cupboards, bags and corners, all piled into one place. That's a 60 litre tub you see there. There are two bags crammed full, a couple of smaller crates and all the odd assortments spread all over the couch.

I wish I hadn't started, because it can't be left like that.

I brought hubby in from outside to show him the carnage. I promised I wouldn't buy more wool for a long time.

He said until he reads it on the blog, he won't believe me, and even then I doubt he will.

I'm kind of ashamed. What a glutton I am. Why don't I use more of it?

I think I'd better start.

Maybe tomorrow.....