Sunday, 14 January 2007

back on track!

As predicted, I felt better about the steeked jacket this morning. No more wrist-slashing depression. After some consultation with Julie, I decided I could indeed carry on.

Are any other steekers suffering like this?

So I'm four rows in, after ripping all the pattern part back, and feeling altogether better about it.

Now for some show and tell. I promised photos of my latest ebay purchase. Sock yarn. Very pretty. The sock yarn went on an excursion into the back yard this afternoon. Three skeins checking out local produce. Here they are with my sunflowers.

the sun went in just as I was taking the photo. Typical. It's been blasting us with searing heat all day, THEN it goes in when I want to blog. Shit.

And here are the skeins amongst the corn and (rather prolific) zucchinis.

These skeins are all destined for gifts over the next few months. So I'd better take the bus lots over the coming weeks so I'll get more knitting time during the day because by night, I'm working on the jacket.

Bring on winter, I say. I want MORE knitting time.