Monday, 15 January 2007

Knitting and Social Skills

I am at work. A guy I work with saw my knitted ipod cozy on my desk and called it a 'nana cozy'.

I said I made it myself which led to a brief discussion about knitting. I explained how important it was to me. He asked how much I do it. I said pretty much all the time.

He said, and I quote: "You might want to start improving your social skills."


He said it mostly nicely, I think, with a bit of a laugh.

So I told him about knitting with friends, online communities and the like. He seemed genuinely astounded that it wasn't a soliary act.

Kind of a timely discussion given two recent posts by Julie and Taphophile on similar subjects.

I didn't take offence. Really I didn't. He's a muggle. What would he know? And hell, from what I know of him his entire weekend is spent on the couch watching sport. Enough said.

Oh and I have to post about a discovery. My lovely friend Carol sent me some little sticky thimbles. They're kind of a silicon material, I think, and you press them onto the pads of your fingers so you don't injure yourself, as I did a week or two ago working with 2mm needles. They're an absolute godsend! Much appreciated Carol!