Sunday, 21 January 2007

new project!

While the steeked jacket is temporarily on hold (ie until I can face fixing it) I've started something new.

This is a scarf I'm making out of some sock yarn i bought a couple of weeks ago. It's a Samurai Knitter pattern and so I'm quite enjoying making it. It'll be a gift for someone who I think reads my blog occasionally, so i won't say who.

So why am I making a scarf and not socks? Because I think the intended recipient will like a scarf better and i wanted to work with something light in this heat, which disappeared today to be replaced by a freakishly cold (comparatively!) 20 degrees C. Just bizarre. I need to go dig out a cardigan, not because it's that cold, but because compared to yesterday's 38 degrees, it feels like it.

I have to keep stretching the scarf out while I'm making it because I'm someone who needs to have some kind of vision for how the thing will actually look. If it wasn't for the great results I see in other blogs with blocking, I'd never believe that this scrunchy little bundle could turn into something so lovely. And, in honour of Knit from Your Stash 2007, I'm already running through a mental check list of what else I've got in my stash that could make lovely scarves.

Oh and for other Cast-On listeners, isn't it great to have Brenda Dayne back after her illness? I spent a lovely hour yesterday afternoon holed up in my bedroom, knitting, downing ice water like it was going out of style and listening to Brenda. You know, I usually listen to her on Saturday mornings while doing the inevitable end of the week clean up of the pigsty that is my house after a week of ignoring it and I realised that's just silly. It's much nicer to sit and give Brenda the attention she deserves. Bugger the housework. My new year's resolution is to set aside an hour just to sit and knit and listen, maybe twice if I feel like it.

I still haven't recorded my Today's Sweater contribution that I wrote a couple of months ago. Must do that.