Friday, 19 January 2007

lessons in how not to cut your steek

Or "Bells Screwed It Up".

It seems despite your sound instructions, Julie, something still went quite wrong.

I found a nice quiet spot (my bedroom). I set out everything I would need.

I had the contrasting yarn, the smaller crochet hook, instructions from Eunny and Julie, and most importantly, a willingness to have a go.

So, here we are, ready to cut that little patch of stitches there in the middle. Brown Pants, note the use of your lovely stitch markers!

The crochet bit happened just fine.

I even got Sean to help with the next bit. The cutting. There were a couple of hours between the crochet part and the cutting. The house was so hot, I was getting very, very uncomfortable curled up on my bed.

So after dinner, he came to help. He held each side apart for me so I could see the horizontal bars I needed to cut. I have to admit, I felt a bit sick. Not because I'm afraid of cutting my knitting - but because it's so final to do this bit. I so wanted to get it right.

I didn't. The next two photos demonstrate where I cut actual stitches. No idea how I did that. But I did and I'm resigned to it. At least I screwed up on this small part, on not after I'd spent countless hours doing the whole bloody thing. I'm not crying. I'm sighing and a bit sad. It's too hot to do much else. I'm probably going to undo the pattern part again.

You know, you live and learn. That's all we can do, right?

I'm not put off steeking. when it works, I bet it's an amazing feeling.

Some of you might say, well you were crazy enough to cut your knitting. Yeah yeah I know. But it was for a good reason and many have gone down this path before me with success. I'll get there.

Anyone want to offer theories on why I cut stitches when I didn't mean to?

I think I'll have another beer.