Wednesday, 24 January 2007

on that whole stash busting thing

Stash busting is way more fun than I thought it would be. Instead of buying yarn and feeling guilty about what I haven't used in my stash, I'm feeling incredible virtuous about the fact that there are small things you can do to use up all that yarn at home.

I found this just now.

Felted ballerina slippers. Come winter, I will have these on my feet. I'm not that girlie, really, but I like these a lot.

Hey I'm growing. I didn't know the virtuous life could be fun. :-)

Answering comments

There are a few comments I'll respond to here.

Jejune asked if I can still taste without a sense of smell. Amazingly, yes! Some people with this problem (it's called Congenital Anosmia) can't taste but for some reason i can. That's how I'm able to be a half way decent cook and a wine drinker.

Oh and I loved all the closet A-ha fans who showed up in the comments. You know they're still around right? Strangely the new stuff sounds like they've been listening to a lot of Coldplay, which is funny because Coldplay say they're hugely influenced by A-ha. I think pop is eating itself!

Mia said she thinks I can't smell because I snort jelly and smash my nose. My mother would probably agree with you on the latter part!

Shazmina Bendi suggested an idea for a Yarn article - when bad things happen to good knitters. I like it Shaz! Very much!

On that note, I have actually proposed a couple of articles to Yarn Magazine and am hoping to hear back from them. I'd really like to interview people for a few points of view that aren't mine! If anyone wants to be a willing subject, email me or leave a comment. I'd be grateful!

Oh and a reminder. Don't forget that Stacie has a great competition going involving donating stuff from your stash to women in a shelter who are learning to knit. I posted about this a couple of weeks ago. You donate stuff from your stash and Stacie sends you cool stuff if you win. You have until Feb 28 to mail it off and let her know so you can be in the competition. she's updating her blog with cool things she's adding to the prize.

Damn I shouldn't be advertising this. I want to win! LOL!