Friday, 12 January 2007

too damn hot

I knew when I signed up for the steek along that it would be a stretch to be working on it in January. I valiantly worked on it last night for as long as I could but when your hands are sweaty, when even trying baby powder on your hands doesn't help, well, there's not much to be done about it. No, we don't have air con. What a different world it would be if we did.

Today has been, apparently, the third hottest day in Canberra ever. 40.25 degrees or something ridiculous. It's a good thing I was at work. You won't hear me say that very often without good reason. I'd say even if I'd have been at home, it might have been too hot.

So I'm going to wait up til it's cooler and have a go then, and if that doesn't happen, I'll get up early tomorrow and get a couple of hours in before it gets hot again.


It's good drinking weather though. And that's about the most you can say about it. If all else fails, pour another drink. Preferably with ice in it.

On the yarn front, I got some nice hand dyed sock yarn in the mail today and would love to post pics, but the battery died (again). So tomorrow when it's too hot to knit, I'll take photos instead.

Hubby said, on seeing me open the big, fat bag: I thought you were giving up buying yarn.

Me: Sock yarn doesn't count and anyway, even if it did, this was purchased before my grand declaration of knitting from my stash.

He looked at me with raised eyebrows, checked out the hanks of yarn and said, 'You just want an excuse to play with your swift and ball winder.'

Oh how well he knows me. :-)

I also subscribed to Yarn Magazine. I've got some ideas for writing for them so I figure I'd better read a few more issues before I get onto that.

Here's my question: we all read blogs, we all read knitty. Is there anything we can write for Yarn Magazine that hasn't been said already, that we can't find out from just reading really good blogs?

Please discuss.