Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Ok, ok, I'll play along

Almost every blog I've read in the last week has talked about the plan that was started by Wendy Knits to have us all commit to knitting from our stashes.

I resisted. I thought, no, my stash isn't that bad. A 60 litre tub, two smaller tubs and several bags hidden in cupboards is probably nowhere near as extensive as say, the knitters who have whole cupboards or rooms devoted to their stash.

But I was in denial.

If I could be bothered, I'd assess it all and figure out how many jumpers, scarves, blankets, socks etc could be made from what I've so lovingly (ok, impulsively) gathered over the last two years. But that would just be a pointless exercise. It's a lot. I'm not going to quantify it to that degree.

I honestly don't believe in buying yarn for the sake of it (stop sniggering, Sean!). Nearly everything I bought was bought with intended projects in mind. I just somehow didn't get around to starting said project/s yet.

The rules are mostly manageable for me. I'm going to buy sock yarn when i want to, because I'm a new sock knitter and I don't have much.

But I'm not going to buy anything for big projects. Hell, I've got the steeked jacket to keep me busy from now until the end of time, if that's what it takes (and it won't come to that, Julie, I'm sure!) and socks and scarves to knit for birthdays this year.

Thankfully, yarn obtained through a swap is allowable. And yarn obtained for a swap is also ok. So I can kind of get my fix because I'm buying for someone else, right?

So, here's to a more conservative year, til September at least, which is when the 'diet' is supposed to end.

Just as an aside, I wonder what the yarn suppliers are making of this? Are they scared? anyone know? Or do they just sit back and wait for all the yarn junkies to freak out after a month of no buying and go mad on a stash enhancement frenzy???

Happy knitting


ps I found the best thing when I was at the supermarket today.

Junior Mints!

I've never had them and had no idea you could get them here. I didn't get to try them when I was in the US. I only remember them from a Seinfeld episode. Apparently they're not easy to come by here, but as soon as I saw a box today, I grabbed them and quickly devoured the lot! Oops.

How good are they??? Sometimes, America just gets things right.