Monday, 8 January 2007

Where I Knit

Inspired by Julie's post about where she knits, I took some photos after work today of where the magic happens for me. *grin*

First of all, this is the couch where I sit most of the time to knit. I tried not to tidy up too much. I wanted it to look real, although if it was going to be a truly realistic depiction, Sean would be crammed up one end of the couch, resigned to the fact that me and the knitting take up the majority of the space.

This seems as good a time as any to introduce you to my special friend. See the black sheep there? That's BB. He's a 'go anywhere' knitting bag who has been part of my life for over a year now. Sean, being a new age guy, was quite comfortable walking into Lincraft one day and purchasing the little guy. He's not my main knitting bag. He tends to go to SnB and go with me in the car on long trips. He has a girlfriend. If you read Jejune's blog you'll know already that BB's special friend is quite exotic. She's a Latvian sock puppet called Lulu. There are photos detailing their relationship there.

Here's a close up of BB, with my current sock in progress. Doesn't he have a lovely face? He tends to be very popular with the under 5 year old girls, too, who like to use his straps to turn him into a sort of backpack. He's definitely a Lady's Sheep.

Next is a close up shot of my spot on the couch.

Note, the tea mug (It's a Nigella Lawson latte mug but as I drink tea mostly, it's a tea mug);
the sock in progress (Sirdar Town and Country);
the little grass basket which was a gift from my sister when she returned from living in Tanzania and which holds little odds and ends I regularly use (scissors, stitch markers, row counters etc); and
please note my terrible habit of leaving sewing needles stuck in the couch. This is not a popular habit in my house and one I'm going to try to overcome in 2007.

On the floor is the basket I tend to keep the WIPs in, if I'm being tidy. That's the steeked jacket in there right now.

Next is a shot I call "View from the Couch". This is what I see when I'm knitting.

Those are my feet (obviously not Sean's. That's so not his nailpolish colour. He prefers pastels.)

That's our new flat screen TV and if you look really closely (and care at all) you can see the full set of Buffy and Angel DVDs and the Tori Amos box set "A Piano" that Sean bought me for Christmas. On the table you can see the last pair of socks I knitted, my teapot and although it's not clear, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears right beside it, as well as my knitting journal.

Am I sad or what? I'm sure there are people who think documenting this stuff is just weird. I don't care. This is what makes me happy and after returning to work today, I'm in need of some serious happiness.