Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sox And The City

We just had a weekend trip to Sydney. I took loads of photos and a few (I swear, just a few) of them are here for your enjoyment. The proliferation of photos of my sock-in-progress is the reason for the Sox And The City title.

Early Friday morning, we (and Sock) headed off on the boring 3 hour drive up the Federal Highway from Canberra to Sydney. How I ever survived that trip before knitting in the car, I don't know.

Once in Sydney, I visited my sister and her husband and got serious amounts of playtime with my nephew, Will. He loves me. He calls me Aunty Balls because he can't quite manage Aunty Bells. I'm cool with that. He's almost three.

On Saturday, we caught up with a friend of ours, Mick, and took a ferry from Parramatta to Circular Quay.

The journey started here:

And ended here:

I'm sure I don't have to tell all the non-Aussie readers what that's a photo of!

The journey by ferry was about 45 minutes each way. that's a lot of sock knitting time! For some reason, the sock didn't feature in any of those photos.

What followed (Brownpants and Shazmina, you'll love this!) was an afternoon of food, beer and knitting in various pubs around Circular Quay and the Rocks.

First of all:

This was taken in what is apparently Australia's oldest pub, Fortune of War. This is Tooheys Old.

Next, we spent a great deal of time in the Belgian Beer Cafe at the Rocks, where, with my pot of mussels (sadly, no photo, I got carried away with eating them!) I had a bottle of Framboise - a raspberry beer that's incredibly potent. The sock had to get in on the photo, too.

By later that night, the toe of the sock was in sight, which amazing considering this was just another in a long line of beers, this time at the Woolpack Hotel in Parramatta. I finished the sock there.

Our friend was heard to remark, 'it's not often you sit all day at a pub with someone knitting.'

I guess not.

Today, I met up with a bunch of girlfriends on Darling Harbour. They humoured me in my pursuit of Sox and the City photos.

Here's the sock having chocolate cake at the Lindt Cafe.

And this odd man wanted to help me take a photo of the sock overlooking part of the harbour. When we asked him to hold the sock he asked if it was clean. My friend Victoria, indignant that he should cast aspersions on the cleanliness of my sock, licked it, just to prove the point. After that, this strange man was happy to oblige.

And finally, before leaving the city, Sock insisted on a photo that is all too touristy in nature, but absolutely a must. This is the sock (modelled by Lucy) under the Centrepoint Tower.

Sock headed back to Canberra late on Sunday afternoon, feeling full of beer, chocolate and pizza and altogether satisfied.