Monday, 26 March 2007

Cooling Down & Gratuitous Cuteness

It's official. Summer is over.


Hubby and I are not summer people. In the last week, he seems to have sprung into life.

In the Garden
Suddenly the garden is not the parched desert it's been for months. It's a lovely green space, thanks to some recent attempts by the skies to break the drought. We've been out preparing for winter plantings, building a new bed and generally trying to make it nicer.

And I've almost got some pumpkins. I have what must be the cutest butternut pumpkin growing near the back of the house. It's almost mature, but so little. I'm so attached it'll almost feel somehow wrong to eat her (yes, she's a girl).

Tonight I've come home from work and dressed not in summer gear, but in warm track pants, a zip up cardigan (not made by me) and slippers. Hubby has a baked chicken dish in the oven and I'm feeling quite content.

Dragging the handknits out of storage

In readiness for the cooler days, I've started washing handknits. How exciting!

This is one of my favourites. I made this before I blogged, so it's never been 'published' before.

This was a milestone item for me. My first piece of clothing with real shaping in it.

It's probably about two years old and it's worn really well (gotta love Bendigo Rustic). It's perhaps a little shorter than I would like, although, my sister and I were watching Nigella Lawson on the weekend and I noticed she was wearing a rather short top over a black skirt (black on the bottom is my look of choice).

I mentioned this to my sister, saying I thought girls like us with hips and tummies shouldn't wear shorter tops. She says that according to Trinny and Susannah on What Not To Wear (we're not worthy) it's a common mistake shapely girls make. You think you should be draped in fabric covering all your lumpy bits. Apparently that just highlights your lumps (heaven forbid!)

So maybe this top, which sits just below my waist, isn't a fashion faux pas after all! That makes me feel a little better.

All in all though, I do love this jacket so much. I wear it with utmost pride because it was a first and I loved making it.

Life was different in a pre-blog world. In those days I worked on one item at a time, diligently working from start to finish with care and dedication.

Then I sewed it all up, blocked it and considered my next project.

Those days are gone. I'm more of a three project girl now. Any more than that I just feel like I'm going crazy.

Cross Promotion

A friend of mine, Carol, has taken some fantastic pictures of cows. If you like great photos or cows, or both, check them out. She entered a competition for animal photography and in a case of extreme injustice, didn't win. However, the sheep photo that did win is entirely deserving. I just think, and ok so I'm biased, that Carol deserved a nod too because the cow photos are fantastic!

Gratuitous Cuteness

I have to share this. Will you look at this face?

We had a very brief visit to Sydney over the weekend and I got some much needed Will time. Sadly, he doesn't call me Aunty Balls any more. Now it's 'Aunty Bells! Aunty Bells!' the whole time. It's like music to my ears. And dancing to the Wiggles in front of the TV is about the most fun an aunty can have.

The 27th is his birthday. He's having a chocolate cake. Happy third birthday Will! Love you!!