Friday, 23 March 2007

Disaster Averted

Let my near disaster be a lesson to you all!

I left a half full glass of red on the stand next to the couch where I knit (let's not even delve into the fact that I left a half full glass of anything on the other side of the room - what was I thinking???).

(Note also, I must be a glass half full person - who'd have thought that?)

I asked my husband to bring the glass of Cab Merlot over to me where I was busy reading blogs at the dining table on the other side of the room.

His attention was on a Friday night crime show I wasn't really watching. He reached for the glass while watching the screen.

We can all see what's coming next in this story, can't we?

The glass fell.

Who wants to guess where it fell?


I'm less upset about the loss of red wine than you might think.

I'm a little more upset about the fact some of it landed on the carpet.

I'm very upset that a lot of it spilled into my WIP basket.

Shit! Can you believe it?

OK, there are plusses here, which I assured him of as he was pouring salt over the stains on the carpet and madly begging for forgiveness.

It COULD have landed on my steeked jacket, which was in a bag next to the basket. I think I might have committed some grievous bodily harm if that had happened. So he's lucky.

It COULD have landed on the pale blue lace scarf I'm working on which was also in the bag. Again, some bodily damage may have occurred. It's Friday and i'm never in a good mood on Friday nights. Ever.

The Knitting Goddess saw what might have happened and made sure the glass, which had to fall, fell at just the right angle to only get wine over the scraps and odds and ends in my basket.

Thank you, Knitting Goddess.

He still feels bad. As he should.

Let that be a lesson. When reaching for a glass of red, make sure there's no knitting in the way.

Skip that.

Just make sure you just watch what you're doing in the first place because as we all know, there's always knitting around the house. If there isn't, you're not really a knitter.

And, as a parting thought, whose idea was it to choose, when given the option, 4:15pm on a Friday afternoon for a job interview? What an idiot!!!

Still, I think it went well and my life may be a little brighter if I get it.