Monday, 19 March 2007

The Steeked Jacket


It's not abandoned. The lack of photos on it recently is because a few more rows of the pattern do not make for good photos. Dull, dull, dull.

And guess what? By my reckoning, only two more pattern repeats until I hit the arm holes. That's about 26 rows. Fantastic. I'm loving it, but getting itchy to find out how to do the next stages.

So thankfully there's a milestone in close range. I need that to spur me on through this last bit of the body.

What do we think of the set up for the photo? To show its height, I've got a tall pottery jug inside it with the two balls of wool to pad it out and show the width of it. Clever huh? ;-)

This blissfully rainy long weekend has been just perfect for cozying up with the steeked jacket. OK, so we had to cancel a picnic, but we still ate with our friends on their back deck instead. A drought ridden city should never grumble about a rainy day, even if it is a public holiday.

Happy Canberra day! Rain is most welcome.

Oh and thanks everyone for your positive comments on my first attempt at dyeing. It's funny how others look on our things less harshly than we do sometimes! I took it to SnB yesterday and the reaction to seeing it up close was that it was quite lovely and quite successful.

So, I feel less critical now.

Off to do another round or two of the jacket and enjoy what's left of this public holiday.