Wednesday, 21 March 2007

No more table dancing - a reflection

I think I might be getting old(er).

I’m not sure how to write about this without sounding whiney about being almost *cough cough* in my mid-thirties, so I’m going to call it a reflection, rather than a whinge. It'll probably still sound like a whinge.

Last night a friend and I went to see one of our musical heroes, Luka Bloom. Every two years since 1995, we have gone to see him perform at a favourite local venue, Tilleys. We worked out last night it was pretty much 12 years to the day since we first saw him.

Here I am, all shiny and happy, this time twelve years ago, meeting Luka for the first time.

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(I say I met him that night 'for the first time' because I have met him about five times and I'm a tragic groupie who pretty much still takes any opportunity to launch myself at a hero and declare my love. I just didn't last night because it was late and I had to get up for work. Groan.)

Anyway, in this photo I am 22 and besotted. I think we both had bad hair then.

That night, my friend and I stood on tables up the back of Tilleys and danced with blissful excitement. I was already on a high from meeting him before the show and having that photo taken.

Skip forward 12 years. It’s no longer 1995. My friend and I are no longer 22. Things have changed. We didn’t dance on the table. Only one of us drank alcohol (guess which one!) and one of us sat knitting for the duration of the show (again, guess which one!).

I think I will knit at a concert again, having never actually done it before. I’m a big fan of sit down and listen style concerts, (despite stories of dancing on tables in my 20s). So it wouldn’t be the done thing at something bigger and louder. I doubt, if I was able to get to the Pet Shop Boys later this month, that it’d be a sit down and listen gig.

I was knitting a Time Thief Watch Cap to contribute at our Harlot Happening tomorrow night and I got all the way up to the crown before I ran out of wool. And I got to have a couple of G&Ts as well as a long catch up before the show with my friend. So I left feeling sad that I’m not 22 and dancing on tables anymore but it wasn’t really that kind of night and I’d have needed about four more G&Ts before that happened anyway. And I'm sure I wouldn't have got as much of the hat done if I'd been dancing! It's all about priorities, isn't it?

Oh and speaking of our Harlot Happening, thanks to Olivia for pointing out that the Yarn Harlot left a comment on Taphophile's post about the event. She likes the poster designed by Jejune. As she should. It's gorgeous.

We'll be live blogging tomorrow night, long before any of the American Harlot lovers are even awake to be contemplating their events!

So, anyway, back to the point. I might not dance on tables anymore, but I go to things called Harlot Happenings and drink and knit at concerts by Irishmen who still make me swoon, just in a slightly more restrained way than I did when i was 22 and i wanted to throw myself at him....and I'm ok with that.