Saturday, 17 March 2007

stories to tell

I've got so much to tell. I'll try not to waffle.

Sharing the Knitterly Love
First up, a month or so ago I sent some wool and needles to a rehab centre in Philadelphia where women are being led through knitting as therapy and apparently loving it! I was put onto this by fellow blogger, Stacie. She was offering a prize for one lucky contributor. I didn't win but I so don't care.

I got a great letter from Kathy at Interim House yesterday, gushing in places about the wonder of wool coming all the way from Australia. I made sure the wool I sent had at least a couple of balls with the bands still on them so they could see the 'Made in Australia' info and know it was the real thing.

It was definitely a feel good moment yesterday when the letter arrived, which I needed, because I was not in a happy place by the end of this week just gone. Definitely in a grump. A little spirit lifting on a Friday evening was just what was needed. I was confidently assured in the letter that the wool and needles would be put to good use by women who have taken to knitting with bucketloads of enthusiasm.

If that's not a way to make a knitter feel good, I don't know what is.

Good Yarn Karma

And now for a Saturday morning mood lifter.

I got some Good Yarn Karma this morning in the form of a parcel at post office. I had thought it was a much-anticipated swap package from Julie, but sadly that's still somewhere between Canberra and South Carolina.

However, it was more knitterly goodness from Teabird in New York.

I got Mason Dixon Knitting! How cool. Thank you so much Melanie. And a card and a cute little book called Knitticisms. Don't worry fellow SnBers, I'll bring them tomorrow for show and tell.

Melanie, I swear the yarn I'm sending you was posted this morning. I meant to post it all week but it was just one of those weeks I'm afriad.

Mason Dixon knitting looks as fun as I thought it would be. But if someone could tell me what Euroflax Originals Sport Weight is, I'd be grateful. I have no idea and need to know what I can use as a substitute. It might say somewhere in the book and I just haven't found it yet. I have, after all, only had the book for about half an hour.

The beauty of GYK, I have decided, is that the wool I'm sending in exchange for these books, was probably going to be sold on ebay. I'd have got maybe $20 at most, and that would have been frittered away on God only knows what, coffee, bus tickets or something. Instead, I have two new books to show for it. It's a bargain and I'm ecstatic.

I also received a copy of Interweave Knits last week from Roseredshoes via GYK. Thanks Jane (and Nora).

I love getting new stuff!

Green Monkeys

And last but not least, my in progress Monkey socks. I'm loving these socks and loving the yarn sent to me by Duchess at Yarnnation. I can't wait to wear them. I so wanted to have them done for today, St Patrick's Day, but alas, it was not meant to be.

And so today, because it's raining, I plan to spend a fair amount of it drinking tea and knitting my Steeked Jacket. It's coming along, but not quickly. I've decided I need to treat it just ever slightly like a job - not the 'god do I have to go' kind of job, but rather, something that needs more attention I'm giving it. I should commit to at least a few rows a day, no matter what, otherwise it's going to drag on forever and then I really will hate it. At the moment I'm not hating it. I'm still pretty impressed with watching myself knit two handed, so that keeps me amused.