Saturday, 17 March 2007

welcome Haloscan!

I hate blogger's comments style. Loathe it. It prevents me from leaving comments as often as I would like, and I do like to comment on blogs a lot!

So I bit the bullet and checked out Haloscan. How freakishly easy is that to install???

How sad is it to lose all your old comments in the upgrade? so many nice words lost forver.


Anyway, I think more people should get haloscan. It means you can a)comment more easily and b)write back to people who comment easily, which is something I've often wished I could do more.

That's enough techy-geeky stuff for me tonight. Time for bed.


ps anyone know what to do when you lose your cooking mojo? I have had more failures than I care to count of late, including the worst chocolate pudding I have ever tasted tonight. It was disgusting. We threw it out!!!