Thursday, 26 April 2007

A Day off work in Autumn

Since Wednesday was a public holiday, I had a clever idea and took two days' rec leave, giving me essentially a FIVE day weekend. Brilliant idea or what?

This morning, I invited two SnB buddies around for morning tea, lunch and knitting.

Jejune and her daughter, Othlon, arrived mid morning and much fun was had.

We ate Honey Jumbles (recipe courtesy of Jejune).

Then we worked on our Mariahs. The three of us have all taken slightly different approaches to the cables and you can see our respective sleeve work here. Mine is the first one, then Othlon's, then Jejune's. Aren't we a clever bunch?

Sadly, mine has just been frogged down to the cuff. Silly me, I didn't think about how much the centre cable panel would pull the whole thing in. When we tried to wrap it around my arm, we realised it would be a very tight fit, probably too tight. Still, it's all in the name of, well, learning I guess. I'm used to frogging a lot now. I roll with the punches.

While we were busy chatting, eating and knitting, our sheep got up to no good. Here we see Jejune's naughty Latvian Sock Puppet, Lulu, getting fresh with my sheep bag, BB.

These two can never be left alone. They ALWAYS need a sheeperone. As you can see by the glass in the background, Lulu had discovered my alcohol cupboard. She'd found some very nice dessert wine, I believe.

Then she insisted on playing with my steeked jacket.

I think it's a little on the big side for her.

And finally, here she is with Othlon.

Please note Othlon's originally designed hat, called the Pencil Case hat. It's on the net. She's a little bit proud of that, as she should be.

So, that's my day so far. I'm now going to spend the remainder of this lovely, autumn day with a teapot and my Mariah sleeve. This time I'll get it right.

Thanks for the Where I Live contributions. They're starting to come in. Don't forget to leave a comment when you do it! I'll go out in the next day or so and take some more myself, hopefully in better light than the first ones.