Tuesday, 24 April 2007

the 'where you live' meme

So far, there's been one official entry to the Where You Live meme, and one by someone who usually posts a lot of photos of where she lives anyway.

The first is from Alwen at Lost Arts Studio, a blog I've long loved for the photos that evoke so beautifully a part of the world I know next to nothing about, South West Michigan. I watched SW Michigan get all covered in snow, then start to thaw, then get all snowy again, killing off the daffodils. Heartbreaking.

I also like Alwen's blog because she's a tatter. That's a skill I've never aquired, and it's definitely on my To Do List. I have a shuttle and I had some very basic lessons when I was thirteen from the old lady who sat in the corner of our tiny little log cabin public library in the town where I grew up. So I will learn one day.

Roxy's blog also has some great location shots. She took it one step further and photographed her local Safeway recently, including a display of prickly pear leaves in the fruit and veg section. What the hell do they taste like???? They're a noxious weed here. I'm assuming they are elsewhere too.

Oh and in the comments, Carol asked about the crocheted item used as a backdrop in last night's photos. Yes, it is my own work - a lapghan I made for Sean several years ago - and no I haven't gone to the dark side, I came from the dark side! I used to think knitting was the dark side! I know! Perish the thought. I crocheted since I was a little girl. I just knit more now. I am, as Lime and Violet would say, bicraftual and proud.

So I'm looking forward to seeing more where you live photos. I know I mentioned kangaroos near my house in the first post about this, but honestly, you don't have to post cool and unusual things (like some of you seemed to say in the comments) to be part of it (and frankly I see more dead kangaroos than living around here anyway). Just a photo of your street, or the view from your front door, or a piece of scenery nearby that you like, will do. The things that maybe are mundane to you, but would be of interest to others, is the key! So get snapping (if you want to).