Wednesday, 4 April 2007

the morning of the event

Thanks everyone. You got it, even those of you who said I should do the Easter Show Girl Parade with gusto just because I have to, you got it.

I'm not into this at all.

In the shower, I figured out what the real problem is.

Dressing up is fun. Carol, I've done the pirate thing at work. That was fun. I've done all sorts of fancy dress.

But this one is different. I won't be just one of the crowd. I will have to make an entrance and be rated and applauded (or not). And some people will take it really seriously.

I'm not a show pony. If someone likes something I made whether it was cooked or knitted, then that's great. But don't put ME on display.

I may be sick.

Anyway, I have a long, red wig borrowed from a friend last night and a hat with a veil so that since I have to do this thing, I might as well do it in disguise. It will make the shame easier to bear.