Wednesday, 4 April 2007

the show girl thing happened

Well it's over. And, oh so ironically, I won Miss Easter Show Girl 2007.

I'm quite stunned really because when it came down to it, my competition was a couple of guys in drag. One was the office camp guy who showed up in a red mini dress, red wig and stockings, and a blokey bloke in a blonde wig and an ice blue evening gown with a bunch of tissues stuffed down his dress, his curly chest hair spilling over. You can just imagine.

There was apparently another girl who was supposed to be in the contest but, get this:


I really thought the guys in drag would win because, well, they're funnier. However, as the gay guy said to me, looking down my plunging neckline, 'you've got a couple of assets I don't have. I think you'll win.'

But the competition was judged on applause and even I could tell I got more applause than they did.

I'm so glad I wore the long red wig and the big black hat. It really helped when I was pushed into the room and forced to endure the applause, the looks, the laughter. I could imagine it wasn't me.

Once people got over it, I relaxed and ate cheese and drank champagne.

Soon enough it was all over. I tried to give a few amusing quips and not look like too much of a sad sack who was unhappy to be there.

My sister had suggested I hold up a sign that read 'entrant under duress' but I was advised by a colleague this would be a bad move.

And as I found out today that I didn't get the job I went for, I figured it was best to handle the situation with decorum, given I wouldn't be leaving any time soon.

And my prize? I'm sure you're all wondering.

A silver sceptre and a sash that reads Miss ***** 2007.

Yipee. That was worth it.

I might post photos tomorrow.

I promise, my next post will contain knitting content.

This little farce is now over!