Thursday, 24 May 2007

just a little lace weight

At 3am this morning I was wide awake for reasons unknown to me. It was too cold to get up and knit, so I spent a fair amount of time wide awake thinking about knitting.

In particular, I was thinking about lace.

I sound like a freak, although I'm sure someone is going to show up in the comments saying they too have spent the dark hours before dawn thinking about lace. Someone? Please?

The reason for this tossing and turning is because since the start of year, I've amassed numerous skeins of delightful lace weight in various fibres. I'm going to do a bit photo session on the weekend when I have daylight, but I can say I have lace weight wool, alpaca and possum. They're the skeins I can think of without rifling through the stash.

I knew some time this year I'd have a serious go at it. A couple of scarves and the collar for the purple mohair cardigan are the closest I've come so far.

I think I am afraid. I had coffee with Olivia of the Gorgeous Felted Bowls today and we bemoaned the fact that we both seem to over commit in terms of projects we are working on for other people. I love knitting for other people. I really do. But it does mean the list is rather longer than I mean for it to be.

Then, I just read a scarily illuminating post by the Duchess where she catalogued all her WIPs. I won't tell you how many WIPs she has, but I will say I estimate it's about three times as many as I have. And I have a few.

None of this really leaves time for lace, which I imagine is an enormous undertaking. I would be afraid to put a complicated lace project down for fear I'd forget entirely where I was up to.

However, RoseRed pointed me in the direction of a few quality projects today. The Kiri Shawl and the Candleflame Shawl, notably. Either of those seems like a good start.

So maybe, instead of stressing at three am about how there isn't enough time to achieve all I long to achieve, I should focus more on enjoying the WIPs I have, and you know, maybe finish a few. How novel.

Oh and the work situation maybe improved a smidge today. A teeny-weeny bit. I attended a meeting, gained a task and some decision-making appears to be taking place. No resolution, but some improvement.

Tomorrow is Friday. How good does that sound. For now, I'd just like to sleep through the night.

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