Monday, 28 May 2007

My *student*

On a Friday morning a bit over a week ago, a friend, let's call her T, emailed me to say she was thinking about taking up knitting.

T is a new barrister. She just got her qualifications this year and has been working very, very hard.

For those of you who were around in December last year, I made the white lace scarf for her and my first ever socks for her husband as Christmas presents. We spent 5 delightful days with T and her husband in Brisbane.

I had her pegged as a friend I'd be always knitting for (happily, mind you) as she was incredibly receptive but not really very interested in the art itself.

T is the fastest convert I've ever seen. In a bit over a week she has

1. Completed her first beanie (which I instructed her through by phone and email);
2. Decided she prefers ciruclars to straights;
3. Bought a range of accessories;
4. Discovered Knitty;
5. Chosen a pattern for a jumper for her husband;
6. Bought the wool for the jumper;
7. Taught herself cables;
8. Discovered that knitting is a fabulous way to have down time after a heavy going day without feeling like you're doing nothing;
9. Discovered that a creative outlet is a wonderful thing to have;
10. Engaged in lengthy phone chats with me on the above subjects.

I should add that T did know the basics before this. She could cast on, knit and purl but the rest is new territory.

She'll probably read this so please welcome her to our world!