Sunday, 27 May 2007

tidying up loose ends

I have a lot of loose ends, otherwise known as WIPs, works in progress, unfinished objects, whatever.

I can't start lace projects until I've at least knocked some of them off.

1. Today I started the second green monkey sock. It's being gifted, so I'd better get a move on.

2. As soon as my replacement 2.25s arrive, I'll get started on a second sock for Sean. This morning he put the first one on, loved it, and complained about his other foot being cold. Fair call.

3. The first of the sleeves for the steeked jacket has stalled after I realised I'd make an error. I know I can fix it easily. I just have to do it.

4. Mariah is progressing nicely. I'm about 1/4 of the way up the back and finding it a nice, easy ride. That's bus knitting.

5. Sean's beanie - I've frogged it twice and cursed myself for not swatching. I got cocky. I didn't think I needed to.

Yeah. Right.

On a lighter note, last night we had dinner at Chez Jejune. A Mexican feast! And I behaved myself with regard to Sangria, unlike the Sydney debacle.

If you are following the sheep romance of the decade, you can find the young lovers documented over at Jejune's Place, including some spoiler shots. Honestly, a couple of sheep and some sangria and it's anything goes!!