Tuesday, 29 May 2007

A Rave Review

I broke my second Brittany DPN two nights ago. Another sad loss, but the truth is I obviously have ridiculously tight tension. It's when I try to do K2tog and that kind of thing that the inevitable happens.

So in the Tapestry Craft sale I ordered some Knitpicks DPNs. I'd admired Meg's when I saw her a few weeks ago, such pretty, silver things.

Some 2.5s and 2.75s arrived today to bring a smile to my face at the end of the day.

Oh. They are amazing. They warm up nicely in my hands; they aren't too pointy; they aren't too blunt; they are light; the wool glides without slipping; did I mention they are pretty, shiny things?

I do love the tiny little Brittany DPNs and would continue to use them with utter contentment, if it weren't for me being so hard on them.

I do believe I have met my sock making tool of choice. Oh and they were cheap. Seven bucks for a set of five. That's gotta make any knitter happy.