Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Stuck at work, might as well blog

It's Wednesday. Usually Wednesday means a nice evening of me knitting and Sean cooking.

Not today.

Sean has an appointment after work and I was to get the bus home where I was planning on cooking pumpkin scones. Then he would arrive home with takeaway of some description.

Come 5pm, i was just heading out the door when I had a sudden fear that I'd not seen my keys in my bag all day.

Damn. That new habit I've been developing of hanging my keys on the hook so I could always find them works too well. Sean locked the house this morning as we left, so I left without my keys. Just goes to show, changing old habits isn't always beneficial.

It's freezing today. I think there must be snow on the Brindabellas because that wind that's blowing through Canberra is well beyond chilly. It's a good thing I didn't figure this out when I was standing at the back door, digging for my keys in the cold, damp dark of a Canberra evening.

So I'm still at work until Sean can come and get me, 1.5 hours after the time I was hoping to finish work. At least it's warm here and I have the internet. I also have the green monkey socks here to work on but my boss is still here and I told him I'd use this as a chance to get some extra stuff done. Damn.

So the WIP count is looking like having at least a couple of items ticked off the list soon.

- Sean's beanie is ready to have the crown decreases started. He's really got to have a new one - did I mention the one he's currently wearing makes him look like a gnome? I accidentally made it a little on the pointy side and when it rides up it looks hilarious! I laugh and laugh, which, as he's just walking out the door when he's wearing it, doesn't fill him with confidence that he looks anything less than dorky. Poor bugger. I have to get this one finished.

- I'm setting some sort of record for Monkey socks. I cast on the second on on Sunday morning. I'm half way along the foot. Not bad huh? I'm sure the new Knit Picks DPNs are helping. Those things make you fly! Could it be that they are faster than addi turbos???

Then, I really have to get my head around the screw up I encountered on the steeked jacket sleeve. It wasn't a huge screw up, really. I'm just pissed off with it. I'm sure once I get back into it I'll remember how much I love this project.

Oh and RoseRed and I have been talking crochet. She put some unspeakably beautiful crochet on her blog this morning and i was filled with longing to get back to those tiny little steel hooks. I think I really do like fine work better than bigger gauge stuff. You just can't beat it.

OK, well that killed about 20 minutes. I wanna go home. It's dark outside. I don't know how workaholics survive. Who would willingly still be here at this time of night????