Friday, 11 May 2007

Socks with love

I've got to post this while I've still got the socks buzz.

Tonight at drinks after work (my farewell) I gave my lovely friend, Benita, a pair of monkey socks I made for her. She knew they were coming but didn't really know what they were.

I have decided that socks in pretty wool are a fabulous way to tell your friends you love them! She adored the socks and even put them on at the pub with her sexy, pointy black heels she was wearing. I wished I'd had the camera. It was quite the look.

This was possibly one of the most gratifying 'give someone something you made' experiences I've ever had. Just fabulous.

So, make socks, give them to your friends, watch them smile.

Here is one of the monkey socks. I posted it recently.

I wish I had a photo of them on, with her shoes. They looked to die for.

Monkey socks are fabulous.