Monday, 14 May 2007

Busy Bells...

Gosh, no blog post since Friday. That's not like me!

I have good reasons for my absenteeism. It's been one hell of a week.

Big Weekend

Finishing up my job last week was shortly followed by a girls' weekend away in Sydney with 7 of my bestest friends.

Eight girls + a hotel in the city + a spanish meal with litres of sangria + red wine in a bar + cocktails around midnight + champagne back in our room until 3am makes for a very sick girl on Sunday. No one else seemed to suffer like I did. I was really very ill.

Now I may have given the impression I'm a seasoned drinker. Only when I'm not being careful does my lack of stamina show up. And when I'm with friends and talking non stop and not paying attention to the quantities going down my gob, well, you can just imagine.

But I didn't feel very drunk!!! I can only guess it was the mixing of drinks. I can sit at home and drink a whole bottle of white wine in an evening and feel just fine the next day, but partying hard until the wee hours doesn't suit me. I'm not proud of getting that sick, just in case I'm sounding like one of those mindless bogans who boasts, 'hey, I got trashed. I vomited everywhere! It was the best!' Yuck.

But I was with a bunch of some of the best women on the planet and I was well taken care of. Love you guys!

The New Job

It was a good first day. Any job that starts with a morning tea on the first day, in which people openly declare their love of baking, is going to be fine by me. After a year of never being able to take baked goods to work because of the wide range of dietary restrictions in the team, I think I am going to be able to bake on the weekend and take leftovers to the office, like normal people do, instead of us getting fat on excess cake and biscuits! Hooray.

Oh and the work? You know, the point of being there? It's gonna be fine. We're at a quiet point so I can settle in easily over the next little while. I just have less opportunity to read blogs now because I'm in an open plan office. For a year or more I've been in a private cubicle at the back of the floor. No more. My screen is quite visible now. I guess this'll be good for me. I might get a bit more focus in my work now.

Knitting Stuff

I didn't get to give my nephew his chocolate beanie because I left it at home! But I'll be seeing him in mid-June so it'll wait til then.

Oh and now that I'm bussing again, instead of sitting with twitching fingers in peak hour traffic, I'm gonna get through so much! Socks will run off my needles like there's no tomorrow. I've missed bus knitting. I'm much happier like that. I really hate sitting in traffic. At least way someone else is dealing with that. I just get to knit.

Life is looking good. Now if it can just slow down again to regular hours and the quiet monotony that allows for lots more knitting mixed in with a suitable amount of sleep/lack of vomiting, things will be just fine and dandy.