Saturday, 5 May 2007

a spot of show and tell

While waiting to see the chiropractor today (have been having nasty, nasty headaches lately and thought maybe I should stop downing painkillers and see someone about it) I was working on a sock I realised I have not once blogged.

The horror!

Sean said he couldn't believe such a thing was possible. Didn't I blog every single knitted item?

Apparently not.

So I had a photo session to show off some WIPs and the wool that came from Amy earlier in the week, in better light.

My sheep bag, BB, got in on the act. He's been very spritely since he got some quality time with Lulu a week or so ago. That's him above, with a sock I'm working on for Sean. It's a basic broken rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Progress has been slow because it's my zombie knitting project, for working on while chatting at SnB or in the car or on the bus. I love, love, love the way the colours are working. It's just a Regia sock wool, I think. Sean rather likes them so far and I think he's pretty happy to be getting something, after months of watching me knit for other people.

Next, BB thought I should put Amy's wool with him because he thought the blue was flattering to his complexion.

Isn't it beautiful. It's sturdy wool, I think. It feels good, solid and, well, sturdy. Robust even. I am not sure what it will be yet but no one else it getting it. It's for me.

And finally, one half of a pair of gift monkey socks.

I've gotta finish the other one and plan to this evening while watching Iron Chef.

These are going to their recipient later in the week. They're a bit overdue. Her birthday was at easter. I really love the monkey socks but might give the pattern a rest for a while after this. They work up fast, when you engage in a little project monogamy.

Alright, I have a date with hubby, Iron chef, Cab Sav and a pesky monkey sock.