Saturday, 26 May 2007

this is what kept me awake

When i said I was awake the other night thinking about how much lace knitting lay before me, it's this stuff I was thinking about with a mixture of fear and lust.

What a pretty bunch they are! In a way I almost don't mind not working with any of them immediately. I've had a few of them for a while and I do so enjoy fondling them.

Here, for the yarn p@rn lovers, are a few shots of the beauties up close.

Here we have an alpaca silk blend which came as part of a swap package from Julie in South Carolina, the Samurai Knitter, like regular readers here didn't know that already. This is seriously drool worthy stuff and I feel very strongly that she ought to be kept for a truly special project. It's by Valley Yarns, for which there appears to be no website. (Edited to add an address later supplied by Julie.)

Next we have the possum merino blend I bought last weekend at the Celebration Of Wool.

It's kinda fuzzy, but not mohair fuzzy. Just not smooth. I'm really looking forward to working with it, even if I do loathe possums (they eat the garden. We clash.) Possums are protected in Australia (for reasons I do not understand) so this comes all the way from New Zealand, but is produced in Australia from a company called Fibreworks.

From Fibreworks, I also bough this pretty blue 2ply.

It was cheap and you know, I don't have enough blue wool. Yeah. Right. It was just an impulse buy and I rather like it.

This adorable specimen was a win!

It came from the lovely Janette and is a 2ply alpaca merino blend. It's a dusky pink which, as someone who's not really a pink girl, is perfect. If I ever have to say I like pink, dusky pink is the one I go for. I really do love it. If you've ever read The Thorn Birds, I think my love of this colour goes back to this book. Meg (that was her name, right?) always chose to wear a colour called Ashes of Roses. I kind of imagine that it might have looked like this.

Janette also sent me a 100cm long bamboo addi turbo. 3mm. Perfect for whichever lace project I launch into first. So exiting! Thank you so much Janette!

Finally, Water, from the dye-pot of Julie. Her label says Fibery Goodness. She's not wrong. I see a spring shawl in this colour - something light and bright for still-cool spring days.

I really am beside myself with anticipation for all these lace projects, but I do have some WIPs to get out of the way first. I think tomorrow I might catalogue them, so I can get on with it.

Oh and if you're after a bit of a needle or yarn fix (and let's face it, who isn't) Tapestry Craft, the place I went to in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, launched a huge sale today and I bought several sets of Knits Picks DPNs this morning for a mere $7. I was so restrained. Just the needles. No yarn.

The above post should sufficiently explain why I don't really need to buy any right now.