Friday, 29 June 2007

And all was right in the world

I've made to it to another Friday night. Several beers at the pub later and all is well.

The family healthy crisis has been averted. My sister is going to be ok. I won't go into details but things are are going to be fine and the sense of relief is enormous. I can't say it more than that. Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts and vibes across the internet. If nothing else, those vibes were a lovely form of support in this very sucky week.

I had drinks with a work friend and her partner after work. They both appear to be wanting to learn to knit. I'm not sure how serious they are but her partner was fascinated by the purple monkey socks and seemed intrigued by how you turn a heel. Perhaps it's a guy thing, trying to get the construction of a sock. In my beer addled state I'm sure I did next to no good in explaining the marvel of short row shaping, given he doesn't even understand the basic concept of a knit stitch. But he sounded interested and honestly, what more encouragement does a knitter need, than to be asked to explain something she loves doing?

Three beers later, I sat on the bus and worked on the sock without referring to the pattern. Yes, you may all applaud. But seriously, I've made three pairs of these things in the last three months. You'd probably think something something was wrong if I hadn't memorised the pattern at least a little bit by now?

Anyway, thank God it's Friday. The best night of the week, a week in which Paris Hilton appeared to be the most important person on the planet. Bring it on.