Thursday, 28 June 2007

A Swap Story

A couple of months ago, Amy in Rhode Island and I did a swap. She sent me some fabulous stuff but my parcel to her fell into the wrong hands or got damaged or something. Either way, 98% of the contents, including the letter I wrote, went missing.

Utterly devastated (I didn't even post about it, I was so upset!), I set about compiling Amy's Parcel #2. This time, we arranged that I would send it to her husband's work in the hope that it would be more secure.

It was. It arrived today and Amy is thrilled with the Patonyle sock wool and other goodies I sent her, such as some Byron Bay coffee. Yay!

So, a word of warning for Aussies sending stuff to the US.

Don't use those Australia Post tough bags to send stuff. They're not so tough. Australia Post advised me that they get caught on hard edges etc and can be torn. If the contents come out, no one at the other end takes care to make sure all the lovingly compiled goodies are securely packaged up again.

Send stuff in boxes, well taped up and secure and to a work address if you can. It's better for everyone.

Thanks for all the kind wishes re health issues. We are still waiting on news. Tough time here, to say the least.