Thursday, 7 June 2007

everyone needs a red scarf

That's what I heard said at SnB tonight when I showed the start of my malabrigo scarf. Isn't it beautiful? The Malabrigo came from Amy in Rhode Island. That's what you're known as around here Amy, to differentiate you from the other Amy. She's the author.

Anyway, the malabrigo is like knitting with spun cotton wool. Astoundingly soft and squishy and I love it. This is going to be a pleasure. So thanks Amy!

This is the scarf the Yarn Harlot wrote about recently. Dead easy pattern.

Cast on 26, knit 2, kTBL, P1. End with K2.

Keep going til you can't stand it, as she says.

I've never had a red scarf before and with thick wool and fat needles, I think I soon will.

Christmas in June

So it's just after midnight and I'm up because I'm not working tomorrow!

We're planning a big Queens Birthday long weekend here. Gotta love public holidays which have no meaning for you at all. You have no guilt about ways you should be acknowledging the meaning of the day.

We're making the weekend special though. It'll be Christmas in June. My sister, her hubby and the lovely Will are arriving on Saturday for the weekend.

On Sunday we're having a big lunch, which will be my first ever 'cooked by me' christmas meal. The reason is that my sister and i never get to have christmas together because we have alternate years with our respective in-laws and the years with our own parents never seem to coincide. This way we get to have Christmas together, without the stress of christmas (something don't cope well with) and we get to have a traditional christmas meal in cold weather, instead of stinking heat.

I'll be cooking my first turkey, traditional side dishes and a spice cake, as well as various biscuits. I'm going to be a busy girl but it'll be worth it. And as most of the food will consist of Nigella Lawson recipes, stay tuned for write ups on Mouthfuls of Heaven!

I magine Christmas in the middle of the year is a foreign idea to the northerners reading this. Am I right? You already get a nice, cold Christmas. You don't feel the need, I'm sure to have it twice. We don't get the snow white Christmas, the mulled wine, the joy of a hot meal on a wintry day. So some people hold a second kind of Christmas in winter. There's a lot less sweat involved, I think, unless you count the sweat of standing over a stove.

I'll leave you with an up close shot of the purple monkeys, just because I love the macro function on my new camera.