Wednesday, 6 June 2007

the world's slowest beanie

I swear I made the slowest beanie ever.

Not because of the pattern, but because of me.

Three weeks, people. Three weeks! Only on the bus, mind you. But still.

After raving about the wonders of swatching in the past, I got all cocky and thought I didn't need to swatch for this one.

I got it from RoseRed who got it from Claudine who wrote it as a baby pattern.

So I've only had 3 shameful attempts at this hat. Wrong gauge twice, screwed up the cables once because I was on the bus trying to remember what the pattern I'd left on the printer at work said to do.

Anyway, here is a beanie for my love.

Aren't the little cables cute? Sean loves it. It fits him much better than the pointy one he currently wears, making him look like an extra from an Irish fairytale.

It's Bendigo - Russet Tweed and I have loads left over. I think I'll make one for me!

God, that's twice Sean's appeared on the blog in less than a week. I'm surprised he's still talking to me. He grumbled significantly but it's hard to take someone's grumbling seriously when they look cute in one of your fresh hand knits!

Oh and thanks to Louise who in the comments suggested i leave the error in the jacket sleeve. I think you're absolutely right. It's not like it completely warps the pattern, does it? It's just a blip. And one I'm kind of fond of now.

Off to bed. Sleepy Bells....