Saturday, 23 June 2007

Frosty mornings and a purple monkey

This was the view that greeted me this morning. Canberra in winter is awfully pretty. Even my paddock of a backyard looks picturesque with a coating of frost.

This was taken at around 7:30am this morning.

I wandered around looking for frost damage and found only pretty things. Like red cabbage.

And a red mignonette lettuce.

Here is the promised photo of the first purple monkey sock.

I finished it around midnight last night and immediately cast on the second one. I find it impossible to be bored by this pattern, possibly because it's so fast. This, with a fair amount of bus knitting, took a week.

I love it up close.

And I really like that I stuck it over black stockings. Quite an effective look, I think.

So now, it's Saturday evening and I'm warmly content with a glass (the first) of Riesling, Sean in the kitchen and the new Kate Miller-Heidke album. Pop and opera rolled into one. Love it. And anyone who writes a song taking piss out of Australian Idol gets my immediate respect.