Friday, 22 June 2007

Friday night musings

Here we are, the end of another week in which, to be honest, not much happened. Some friends and I try and end our weeks thinking of three good things that happened. I struggled to think of anything.

Not that anything bad happened.

It's just that nothing remarkable happened.

Let's see if I can review the week and come up with something...hmmm..oh, I know.

The week started nicely on Sunday with an afternoon spent with the lovely SnB crowd. We welcomed a jetlagged Georgie home from Germany and spent some time watching the sheepy lovers, BB and Lulu, cavorting as if none of us were even there.

Here's Jejune's naughty lamb Lulu pretending she didn't just steal my malabrigo scarf.

I played down how irritated I was with her. She's just the sort of lamb who, if she had an inkling how much I love this scarf, would make sure I never saw it again. Naughty Lulu!

She's a very bad influence because soon after, her beloved, BB, stole it too. But he was coming home with me so there was no point in him thinking he was getting away with anything too naughty.

Soon, the lovers settled down for some quality quiet time together. Kind of hard at Starbucks, but they managed.

So that was the start of the week. The rest of the week was just work, work, work. But it's Friday night so I choose not to think about the busy week right now.

I'm about to cast off the first monkey sock so will have a photo of that tomorrow. A friend asked about the steeked jacket the other day, saying she hadn't seen it on the blog for a while. It's true. It's been keeping a low profile while I finish off the monkey socks for the Craft ACT exhibition. I must admit I struggle some days. It's a long, slow ride this one.

It's not much different to the last photo I showed of it, is it?

I'd really like to get it finished soon so that I can a) wear it and b)stop feeling like it's taking forever. Don't get me wrong. I still love it and when I'm having a good burst of quality time working on it, I feel smugly smitten with it. But it's getting to that point that's tricky some days, especially when there are the instant gratification projects calling to me (hello monkey socks!)

suggested a reward system as motivation the other day. You know, if I can get one repeat done in X amount of time, then I can have Y. An excellent suggestion, but I'd be open to more suggestions on motivation if anyone has thoughts.

Oh, and in big news, in case you're not yet aware, The Knittery is now stocking Addi Turbo lace circulars. Woohoo! Go get 'em!

And finally, if you want to see some delightfully made Night and Day cupcakes, check out what RoseRed posted on our Nigella Lawson blog.