Monday, 25 June 2007


Recently I asked for help in coming up with ideas to motivate and reward myself for reaching new milestones with the steeked jacket.

Yes, having a finished object to wear with pride is a huge reward, but some days it seems so far off. I need more immediate rewards.

Julie suggested choclate. An excellent suggestion and while I do love chocolate as much as the next person who loves chocolate, it seems somehow not quite enough of a reward.

In serious discussions on the subject, via email, with RoseRed this morning, a plan was hatched.

That plan is lipstick.

I am something of an addict. I've always got something on my lips, even if it's just a clear gloss. I feel somehow less 'me' without it.

Sadly, for an addict, I rarely get around to buying the really good stuff. I buy at the cheaper end of the market mostly, but all that is about to change.

So, here is my challenge.

My birthday is next month, on the 13th (that's a Friday this year, not that I'm superstitious). So, if I can reach the end of the first sleeve by that date, I will be allowed to buy myself something fancier (RoseRed is suggesting Chanel) as both a reward and a birthday gift to myself. I have between now and then to a)actually work on the sleeve and b)put in some serious lunch time testing at the Myer and David Jones counters.

Astute readers might well ask, how on earth am I to get this done when I have so many other deadlines?

Well, there aren't really many deadlines at all. I'm close to finishing the second Monkey sock for the CraftACT exhibition. I'm also close to finishing Sean's second sock, which is my main bus knitting project. And Mariah can happen in between things as she has been doing nicely for a few months now.

As for the sleeve itself, I'm about two repeats away from the elbow and I can, if I try hard, get two repeats done in an evening.

Wish me luck!