Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I have a secret knitting fairy

See this? It was in my mailbox on this miserably rainy day.

The only clue as to who sent it is that it came from somewhere in Sydney.

The return address was from

A Reward
#1 Fair Isle Lane
Sleeve Island NSW 1234

The post mark was a suburb of Sydney.

Just two days ago I was posting about setting up a reward system for myself as an incentive to work harder on the Steeked Jacket.

Then this lovely skein of Lorna's Laces arrives, anonymously, complete with a typed out note of encouragement and suggesting this enticement may whet my knitting appetite. You are not wrong, whoever you are.

Also, there is a promise of a second skein for a second sock, when I finish the second sleeve.

What a clever person my knitting fairy is!

Who could this lovely Knitting Fairy be? I have some ideas but I can't say for sure. I could list a few names but I rather like the anonymity of it all.

Whoever you are - THANK YOU! It was especially appreciated today because there is someone in my family who is facing a really scary health issue at the moment and today was not a lot of fun, letting that news sink in.

To come home and find this piece of beauty in my mailbox was really, really special.

I feel all weepy and quite touched, not to mention encouraged!